What is adaptoJUN

What is adaptoJUN

an invitation to adapt better, the adaptoJUN life

We hear the entire world talk about self-care and self-love, but are we really listening?

Quite often than not, calm and frenzy, rest and rage are the exemplary juxtapositions put together to define one's life. As we progress through each day, week, month and year, a good or a bad one, we come across a myriad of stimuli that would bring about a change in our behaviour, and mood.

Before the factors drive us towards negativity, why don't we adapt, take over the control of our own life and steer ourselves towards a better tomorrow?

It was a random experiment where we were trying to make a non-caffeine probiotic drink and tried infusing it with adaptogens and bang! it was a bomb of calmness in a sip.

What we are talking about is something that resonates deeply with us and to make a drop in the ocean, our foray into a better day is an offering we're calling adaptoJUN. The way we perceive our other beverages is nothing short of fun with fizz, but hey, not this, totally not this, though, in hindsight, we'd call it the calmer, the soother.

what is an adaptoJUN?

The newest edition to our JUN family, adaptoJUN is a non-caffeinated, naturally carbonated, ready to drink beverage. It's infused with adaptogens (like ashwagandha, mulethi, reishi and matcha), the base is raw unprocessed honey and organic mulberry leaves (which makes the drink caffeine-free)

what are adaptogens?

There is a compelling fact about adaptogenic plants—they themselves often live in stressful conditions and have their own adaptation strengths and abilities, which they impart to us upon consumption. For example, ashwagandha, a popular adaptogen in Ayurveda, is highly drought-resistant and flourishes in arid conditions and soil of poor quality, conditions in which most plants would suffer from severe stress.

And hence #adaptbetter

What exactly are adaptogens and when exactly did they originate?

In spite of being already used for 1000s of years in almost all parts of the world (especially in Asia), it wasn't until a Russian scientist named these herbs and roots as adaptogens. To better understand, whatever ingredients you might have seen on our Dabur Chavanprash box while growing up - were our earliest introductions to adaptogens.

How does drinking adaptoJUN feel like?

We're going to leave that to you - drink and decide. we're totally converted, damn we would meditate and drink it - whatever works to calm one’s anxious mind. Especially when we are all homebound. But a teaser, it's just oh so damn refreshing, smooth and crisp, one of our favourites is the hibiscus and mulethi.

an adaptoJUN a day

We are experimenting around a few flavours like - ashwagandha, mulethi, reishi, matcha, amla, lion’s mane, etc, just to give you an abundance of choice. Pick an adaptogen a day.

self care is not a luxury, it’s a priority and a necessity. Go grab an adaptoJUN.
Noopur Porwal

Noopur Porwal

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Akash Devaraju