Leaping out of Feb: LFC Recommends Places to Eat

Leaping out of Feb: LFC Recommends Places to Eat

Come February - there's love in the airrrr 💕

And in February, we did so many things we love with:
🫶🏽 Community
🫶🏽 Collaborations
🫶🏽 Cafés & restaurants that are now stocking our stuff!

Read on to find out food recommendations unlike anywhere else.

🥊 Yeast Wars

We started Feb with Yeast Wars, a showdown between 2 of our favourite beverages - Wine & Kombucha.

For this, we collaborated with our friends over at Wine In a Million - India's first fuss-free wine community & Big Banyan! Together, we took participants through an immersive sensory experience exploring:

  • The microscopic science behind both beverages
  • The LFC microbrewery, what goes on behind the scenes from brew to bottle
  • Comparative tastings

With wine cocktails & scrumptious small plates paired with the beverages, this was a night to remember in our grungy garage-esque brewery. Check out our fun bingo card, which served as a fun ice-breaker till we got the bottles poppin'!

What's the final verdict? Take a look below:

If you are interested in meeting like-minded folks while trying new types of wine, we highly recommend joining WIAM!

🚛 Eeeeee(Veeeeee)

As a startup, owning a vehicle felt like diving head-first into a financial abyss.

Enter Exponent Energy!

They swooped in, hooked us with an affordable e-vehicle lease (complete with charging stations sprinkled all over Bangalore which charge vehicles rapidly in just 15 mins)

Now, after a bunch of iterations to our printing partners, we're cruising in style while giving a shout out to our tastiest concoction - Shrub Sodas!

And to celebrate, we're giving away bottles to anyone who spots our EV around town, takes a pic & tags us.

🌅 Love, Ooru

If you are an OG Bangalorean, you will reminisce about sunsets at Om Made Café.

We're super thrilled to share that Om Made Café is now back in a brand new avatar as Love, Ooru.

It's got the same lovely ambiance & food is currently open for private events. They kicked off with a lovely Valentine's Day event titled Love on The Rooftop, with:

  • Comedy Hour by the Underground Comedy Club
  • A 3-course candlelight dinner by Chef Mako Ravindran, accompanied by some wines, sake & our beverages
  • DJ night

The next day, they also hosted an intimate concert with SoFar Sounds featuring indie artists like Rachanachar & Buzzychords. Like us, they're often hosting off-beat experiences at their terrace. Try not to miss it!

In February, we also started stocking at 6 new cafes & restaurants!

🍝 Maggi & More at Blue Wagon

The Blue Wagon started off as a small food truck serving mouth-watering dishes in Jayanagar. Slowly, they grew in popularity & set up a small hole-in-the-wall café in JP Nagar.

We recommend heading here to have their delicious gourmet Maggi & and other carefully curated delectable savouries.

LFC Recommends:

  • Habenaro chilli & cheese maggi (made with their house made habenaro sauce)
  • Guntur chilli maggi
  • Their season's special sourdough tartines

Make sure you order some of our chilled Ginger Ale cause they sure know how to pack in the heat!

👳🏾‍♂️ Bahubali Meals at Baba Punjabi

Soft, fresh, melt-in-your-mouth malai paneer can be a rare find in Bangalore if you don't know where to look. But let it be known that Baba Punjabi literally flies in their paneer every day from Haryana!

With a nostalgic ambiance reminiscent of desi dhabas, it's a must visit if you're in South Bangalore craving some Punjabi tadka.

LFC Recommends:

Do try their various soya chaaps (a smooth, chewy version of soya nuggets that's the OG mock meat) & Bahubali thali!

If you single handedly manage to finish this HUMONGOUS Thali that has:

  • 4 types of starters
  • 5 types of Indian breads
  • 5 types of rich Punjabi curries
  • 2 types of rice
  • 2 desserts
  • Masala papad
  • Buttermilk

in under 30 minutes alone - the bill of Rs. 1350 is on the restaurant!

If you don't have any such high hopes (nor want to have acid reflux), you & 2 of your friends can finish this thali in peace.

Head over to Baba Punjabi between Monday to Thursday to accept the challenge.

Make sure you order some Shrub Soda along to chug down the food faster! *burp*

🐟 Mallu Gang Unite at Moplah's

If you're a fan of Malabari (North Kerala) food - you're spoilt for choice at Moplah's, a fine dining Kerala restaurant serving Mappila Muslim (or Moplah) dishes.

LFC Recommends:

  • We meen it when we say that they have some of the best fish (meen) curry we've had!
  • Pair their Allepy Meen Curry, where King Fish fillets have been simmered in coconut milk, raw mango, & a blend of spices along with some Nei Choru (ghee rice).
  • We also recommend the Erachi Ularthiyathu, tenderloin cooked & sautéed in a special blend of spices & coconut chips, which was inspired by the chef's grandmother's Syrian-Christian recipe.

While you're there, mix their Kulukki Sharbat (Kerala's famous shaken iced lemonade with nannari lemon) with some of our Ginger Ale for an extra fiery kick!

☕️ Finding your North Star (Café)

Tired of the same old commercial coffee chains?

If you are looking for a new coffee shop to work out of in HSR, try North Star Café. They have some quirky coffees from around the world.

LFC Recommends:

  • Mint & Bird's Eye Chili Mocha
  • Latin American Una Peachy Café Calliante (say that 5 times! coffee flavoured with peach, pineapple, & bird's eye chilli)
  • Algerian Mazagran (an iced coffee with lemon & lime)

Need a break from all the caffeine? Balance things out by pairing some of their food with our Shrub Sodas!

🍣 Slurping Food at Foo!

If you're looking to impress your date, we recommend that you take them to Foo, where you get an Asian twist on Spanish style tapas.

LFC Recommends:

  • Wasabi, Truffle & Edamame Dumpling
  • Foo Yam Bean Uramaki (which is made of blue rice & super gram-worthy)
  • Mount Foo-ji, a multi-tiered dessert, that comes veiled in liquid nitrogen & contains a mango pudding topped with vanilla, a sesame cheesecake, a hazelnut dome, & hazelnut and coconut ice creams (for a crowd, or one very hungry person 🤤)

Pair it all along with our Asian Medley, duh!

Oh & since it is the Chinese Year of the Dragon, they've decided to spice things up with a fiery new menu - so we recommend that you try their fiery (F)ood before they refresh to a new menu on April 1st!

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Until next time, folks! Back to brewing booch! 👋🏽



@waabi_saabi is LFC's biggest cheerleader turned consultant. When she's not helping LFC with brand & marketing, she's writing abt food & culture at Twitter.
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