Jumping into January: where to drink, dine & dive in Bangalore 2024

Jumping into January: where to drink, dine & dive in Bangalore 2024

As we jumped into January, we at Local Ferment Co. decided to take a good long look at what we've being doing.

Over the years, we've dabbled in everything - breads, butters & beverages.
We bottled jams & hand-packed artisanal curations.
You name it - we did it.

That's why this year, we have decided to double down on what we're best at building. This year, we will be focusing solely on bringing you the BEST GODDAMN sandwiches & beverages.

That means BRAND NEW flavours & BRAND NEW stockists. Take a look at what we've been upto & where we are at in this month's round-up.

Psst! Read till the end, where we're announcing a super exciting event that you won't want to miss!

👅 What's Popping: Our Newest Flavour
We decided to take a trip down memory lane with our latest Shrub Soda launch - Imli Pop.

But to make sure that we nailed the flavours, we sent some of Bangalore's best tastemakers beta version samples of our soda.

Here's what they had to say:

We're almost done with making final revisions & tweaks based on all the feedback & constructive criticism we received. Can't wait to make you all try it!

👋🏽 New Kids on the Block
Now, over to our newest stockists & some new places that are making the buzz in the city.

✂️ Slow Art Salon (HSR)
When we first came across the folks at Slow Art Salon, we saw folks who share the same ethos as us.

They who believe that good things take time - just like our Ginger Ale & Kombucha. Our beverages have curiously complex flavour notes because we don't use shortcuts. Just try our Ginger Ale & see how it fares to others you've tried before to see what we're talking about!

So if you're looking for a self-care day, you can head over to Slow Art Salon. While they take time perfecting your cut & colour to your liking, you can sip leisurely on one of our beverages.

🍕 Pizza Please at Pizza 4P's (Indiranagar)
After opening branches all over Vietnam & Japan, Pizza 4P's (or Pizza 4 Peace) is now in namma Bengaluru.

Pizza 4P's motto is simple: "to make the world smile for peace".

And boy, are we smiling!  Especially, after trying a "peace" of their pizza.

After trying everything on their eclectic and wide menu, here's what we think you should order:

  • The Fruit Burrata Salad
  • The Okonomiyaki Pizza
  • Our Pineapple & Basil Kombucha

🇬🇷 Good Greek at Marzipan Café (Ulsoor)
Marzipan Café requires little introduction. Run by the gracious Greek expat, Kiki Petriti, you can trust that the Greek Salad here is the best in Bangalore. We also recommend that you try their other Greek specialities like:

  • Moussaka, which has layers of eggplant, potato & parmesan
  • Souvlaki, a type of Greek fast food, &
  • Spanakopita, a spinach & feta pie

We're also big fans of their cakes & pastries which use the freshest of berries.

We recommend that you pair their chocolate cake with our cult-classic Cherry Cola, made with cacao nibs & Madagascar vanilla that perfectly compliments the decadent notes of Marzipan's desserts.

From left: Hair spa day at Slow Art Salon, Celebrating good times with folks from Pizza4Ps, Lunch scenes at Marzipan Café 

We're also super excited to share news about our newest stockist!

🥨 Bäcker is Back! (Cox Town)
If you're like us, you were super sad when the German bakery Bäcker shut down their quaint little bakery in Koramangala. We absolutely adore their pretzels!

But hey hey, we've got good news.

Bäcker is back in a new avatar at Cox Town as Bäcker & Charlie!

Now, we know where we will be heading post our Sunday Runs at Ulsoor Lake.Head over to enjoy their fresh German bakes & breads, along with our Shrub Sodas & Ginger Ale. Let them know we sent you there 👋🏽

So you've read till the end! We have good news for you!

🍷 Yeast Wars

We're also thrilled to share that we're collaborating with Wine in a Million to bring you Yeast Wars, along with Wine In a Million - India's first fuss-free wine community!

Come join us as we settle the war between 2 types of fermented beverages that we all love - Wine & Kombucha! 🥊

Together, we will take you on an immersive sensory experience exploring:

  • The microscopic science behind both beverages - PSA: nerds are hot again
  • The LFC microbrewery, what goes on behind the scenes from brew to bottle - 360 degree immersive experience
  • Comparative tastings - *sniff, swirl, sip*
  • Wine cocktails on tap - bottom's up!
  • Scrumptious small plate pairings with the beverages - did someone say BEST GODDAMN Sandwiches?

Through the course of the event, we seek to underlie the foundational similarities between both beverages - get your geek glasses on, folks!

Reserve your seat here.

Limited spots only!

Until next time, folks! Back to brewing booch 👋🏽



@waabi_saabi is LFC's biggest cheerleader turned consultant. When she's not helping LFC with brand & marketing, she's writing abt food & culture at Twitter.
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