The Gimlet - Zero Proof

The Gimlet - Zero Proof

An LFC and Zero Percent Collaboration


It cannot get any easier than a classic Gimlet, a chilled gin (right out of the freezer), lemon juice, and sugar. A simple combination of liquor, lime juice, and sugar classifies it as a sour. A gimlet at a bar is supposed to be like your morning coffee, it should wake you up before you break the ice.

Origin of Gimlet is claimed purely out of necessity to cure scurvy that the British Navy sailors suffered from because of lack of Vitamin C. And that's when they started consuming liquor with lemon juice. But Gimlet got its fame from Raymond Chandler's The Long Goodbye. As per Philip Marlow, the fictional protagonist in this detective series, "A real gimlet is half gin and half Rose’s Lime Juice and nothing else.  It beats martinis hollow." Rose's lime cordial was the world's first commercially produced fruit concentrate. Basically, what James Bond did to Martinis, Marlow did to Gimlet.


We cannot go against the divine forces who brought together our Asian Medley with anything ginISH (0% abv). Our rendition on this zero-proof Gimlet is crisp, herbaceous, dry, and ridiculously citrusy.

Style: Sour | Shaken

Flavour Profile: Citrusy, Herbaceous, and Tangy


(1 oz = 30 ml)

  • ginISH - 2 oz
  • LFC Asian Shrub - 1 1/2 oz
  • Lemon Juice - 15 ml


  • Add the ginISH, lemon juice, and LFC's Asian Shrub in a shaker with ice. Shake it until chilled. Remember, any cocktail that has citrus always needs to be shaken.
  • Keep a coupe or a rocks glass chilled. Strain it into the glass.
  • Garnish it with a fresh or dried lime wheel.
Noopur Porwal

Noopur Porwal