LFC's Clover's Club

LFC's Clover's Club

A drink said to have originated in America's Gilded age, long before the pre-prohibition era. This drink was a favorite amongst the social club of Philadelphia.

The club's name evolved from Thursday Club to Clover's Club, and at the same time, the venue for the gathering kept hopping from one hotel location to another before finally locking it to Bellevue-Stratford. The owner and hotelier of Bellevue-Stratford paid extreme attention to all the Cloverites who were all aristocrats including senators, judges, journalists, president, and literatis including Mark Twain himself.

With no idea of who came up with the recipe first, the frenzy for this cocktail soon traveled to the most revered hotel of New York, Waldorf-Astoria (yep, this is also the hotel where Waldorf Salad was invented) and became one of the most loved classics there.

Clover’s Club is a perfect pour for not just gin lovers, but also for new entrants in the world of cocktails.


This forgotten classic is a whole-bodied gin sour. In our rendition, we balanced the creaminess from the egg white with the complex and flavor-packed LFC Raspberry, Ginger and Orange Shrub.

Style: Sour | Shaken

Flavour Profile: Creamy, Fruity and Tangy


(1 oz = 30 ml)


  • Roll up your sleeves and keep all the ingredients ready.
  • Add gin, shrub, egg white, freshly squeezed lemon juice to your cocktail shaker.
  • Always dry shake first (without ice) unless you own a birdy cocktail shaker 😅. Shake at least until you feel the liquid inside has expanded and your triceps or forearms starts to feel like you have had a workout.
  • Grab a few cubes and add it to your cocktail shaker. You know it by now, shake again.
  • Double strain it into a coupe's glass.
  • Garnish it with a dried orange peel or fresh raspberries. Enjoy!

Noopur Porwal

Noopur Porwal