What's Been Brewing in November

What's Been Brewing in November

Doesn't November feel like the Friday of the year?

Time just goes by & you can't wait for December to start?

We kinda feel that way too - but looking back, November was full of fun over at the LFC HQ!

Here's what we've been up to!

Diwali Curations

The first half of this month went into a frenzy, hand packing your Diwali hampers with love.

We are so glad that 200+ of you trusted us with your Diwali hampers!

Now we're also curating special Christmas hampers again!

On the menu, we have our season specials like Stollen, Panettone, Mulled Wine Shrub, Plum Cake & Ginger Bread Cookies.

So in case you want to give your secret Santa the best gift ever - hit us up!

Trust us, we've stollen (pun totally included) many hearts. Just read the testimonials from the lovely folks who received our Diwali hampers this year.

Thanks for all the love folks!

Soru Soirée

While we still had a Diwali hangover, we decided to throw one festive party at the LFC HQ - the Soru Soirée!

The menu was curated & catered by Chef Varsha, founder of the experimental Tamil Kitchen Soru.

As part of the Soirée, Chef Varsha recreated heirloom recipes from her grandmother's kitchen for a delicious, all-you-can-eat spread. We also curated some special drinks with a Tamil twist (move over Bloody Mary, it was time for Bloody Meenakshi) along with some bar snacks from our friends over at VS Mani. For teetotalers (or should we say tea-totalers), we had our Mango & Chili Kombucha which has a nostalgically spicy kick!

To make the event festive, we also made sure every guest came dressed in traditional attire & gave them fresh malli-poo.

Who do you think is the best dressed?

We can't wait to host more up & coming chefs at our brewery. It always makes for such a fun time & working with people like Varsha, who's personal health & fitness journey has inspired us so much along the way, is truly a fulfilling experience. It trule was a team effort, one that we're glad to have pulled off spectacularly!

Mexico to Mysore

Speaking of up & coming chefs, our friends Avinasha & Ruchi decided to become taqueros (read: taco makers). After spending around 2 years in Mexico as digital nomads, they decided to bring the authentic taste of Mexico to namma Mysore at Sapa Bakery.

So of course, we at LFC had to make a quick mid-week road trip to go to their pop-up & support our friends (honestly, we'll take any excuse to have great food). We appreciated the little, personalized efforts that clearly reflected how much heart the two of them had put in this pop-up including the beautiful posters that Ruchi had designed for the event. We could gush about the authentic flavors of their scrumptious 6-course menu all day, but we've still got a lot to cover!

We're trying to convince Avinasha & Ruchi to host a pop-up in Bangalore soon as well

Golden Ticket to the Chocolate Festival

Patricia & Ketaki are chocolate connoisseurs who realized that while India has a plethora of great chocolate manufacturers - there was hardly any appetite for these chocolates from the average Indian customer - who associated chocolate with only Dairy Milk.

There were two reasons for this. Firstly, indie chocolate manufacturers had limited marketing budgets. Secondly, the average Indian consumer had not developed a palate for experimental chocolate.

And thus, the Indian Cacao & Craft Chocolate Festival was born where various chocolate manufacturers come together under one roof. Not only that, but they collaborate with various F&B brands to incorporate their chocolate to make unique & tasty deserts & drinks!

We kicked off the chocolate festival by doing a bar takeover at Sly Granny. On the menu, we had chocolate cocktails such as:

Cherry Old Fashioned: Whiskey |  LFC Cherry, Vanilla & Cacao Shrub

Pinkish Russian: Greater Than Gin | LFC Cherry, Vanilla & Cacao Shrub | Cream

Gin & Jun: Greater than Gin | LFC Orange, Rose & Cacao Jun

We also decided to push the envelope a little more by bringing back last year's crowd favorite - The BEST GODDAMN Ham & Chocolate Sandwich. This year, we partnered with Bon-Fiction to incorporate their 63% dark chocolate, along with our Emmental, Mozzarella, Aged cheddar & Smoked Ham.

Also on the menu was our Chocolate & Bacon Babka, along with our Dark Chocolate & Bacon Bites.

Walking (Nay, Running) the Talk

After all those chocolatey calories, the team finally ended the month with a 5k marathon along with the folks from Warehouse.

At LFC, being a company that produces healthy beverages like Kombucha & Jun, we believe that it is very important to focus on fitness.

Working in a start-up is hard - with tight deadlines, & a lot of sitting.

We believe that while sitting is the new smoking, movement is medicine.

One of our core company cultures at LFC (in addition to our Kombucha SCOBY :P) is to inculcate healthy practices & be the flag bearers of a healthy & holistic lifestyle.

That's why we decided to walk (nay, run) the talk & do at least one fitness related challenge as a team every month.

Over the past few months, we have gone on a hike to Skandagiri & taken part in the start-up football premiere (where our head chef, Ishan, snagged two medals & won best player!).

Even on an individual level, we all try to carve out time to take care of our health.

While Noopur can deadlift 120kgs easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy, Ishan is a trained nutritionist & personal trainer.

Right now, Akash is on a 60-Day Hard challenge where he has promised the team that he is going to work out 60 days continuously. Will he beat the heat

Decking Up for December Dinner

Now the team is in full swing for December - the busiest time of the year for us at the micro-brewery.

If you've reached thus far in the blog, we're letting you in on a little, early-access secret. We're planning a special seven-course sit-down Christmas dinner that you do not want to miss.

More details on this soon on our socials.

We're Hiring!

Before you go, the best bit of all!

We're expanding at LFC & looking to add more people to our amazing team!

Here are the roles we are looking for!

If you think you fit the bill, hit us up. If not, pass the word & help a fellow small biz out.

Perks include but are not limited to:
- Health insurance
- Weekly offs & flexible leaves (including mental health & period leaves)
- Work closely with the founders in building a great F&B brand
- Competitive salary
- Fun team outings if you’re ready to break a sweat
- Opportunity to build your own network with industry’s finest

Come along, we might be a small team but we’re making every day count. We make sure everyone gets heard, appreciated & valued. At LFC, we’re actively trying to break prejudices against conventional industry workspaces.

Aaand that's a wrap.

Until next time, folks!



@waabi_saabi is LFC's biggest cheerleader turned consultant. When she's not helping LFC with brand & marketing, she's writing abt food & culture at Twitter.
Tarini Thakur

Tarini Thakur

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