Akash Devaraju

Sunday Randoms - Banh Mi

This week's Sunday Random has travelled all the way from Jalisco, Mexico in all of its fiery, red hot glory to give you the juiciest, messiest & spiciest kick for the weekend. Presenting,

Shrubs and the Bygone Era of Bartending

From first being popularized as a 'poor man's drink' to its renaissance in the modern bartending world, find out how shrubs have come a long way as we take you back in time, to an era long gone but whose essence we still brew in small, handcrafted batches within the four walls of the LFC kitchen.

The Moscow Mule

Moscow Mule, the utterly refreshing combination of vodka & ginger beer needs no introduction. Housed in a solid copper mug to not just keep the drink chilled, but also to enhance its aroma & flavor, it has had a cult following of it's own since the 1940s.